Cindy and Stephanie are a mother - daughter team who have been baking together (and against) for over 30 years.   Stephanie is now a mom, hence the name "Moms".  Cindy and Stephanie started competing in cooking and baking at the State Fair for over 10 years.  Both have had many winners and have placed in the top 4 for many other items.  Both have division winners and judges' favorites as well.  Cindy and Stephanie also have been teaching for over 10 years through the Menomonee Falls Rec Dept for kids cooking.  100s of kids have gone through their programs.  Classes have ranged in age from 4-14 and Parent/Child classes.  They have been teaching cooking and cake decorating.  Cindy and Stephanie also run the Falls Focus Volleyball Club and partner with the Junior Phoenix Volleyball program.